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2016 Conference Presentations

Keynote presentations:

Dr. Danielle Martin - Building the Future: Community Care and the Road Ahead​

June 6, 2016:

MA01 - A Transformational Redesign of Patient Care Services

MA02 - Risk Framework for Predicting Caregiver Distress

MA03 - Setting Quality Standards

MA04 - Health Links: Two Approaches to Adding Value 

MA05 - Using an Innovative Primary Care Integration Database to Support Engagement and System Planning 

MP01 - Supporting Health Links and Coordinated Care Planning

MP02 - Improving Stroke Care Through Better Integration of Nursing and Personal Support 

MP03 - Caregivers Making a Difference

MP04 - "Insights": Making Data Work for Caregivers and Patients

MP05 - Collaborating with Caregivers to Improve Palliative Care

MP06 - Supporting Care Coordinators in Everyday Patient-Care Decisions

MP07 - Flexible PSW Care Pilot: Providing Patients and Families with the Care They Need

MP08 - Leveraging Logistics and Technology for Better Care and Better Value

MP09 - Hospital to Home: Leading Clinical and Leadership Practices to Improve System Transitions and Patient Experiences

MP10 - We see you: The Elizz Five Stages of Caregiving™

MP11 - Connected Care and the Patient Experience

MP12 - A Collaborative Approach to Wound Care

MP14 - Patient Experience in Health Links

MP15 - eHomecare: Supporting Patients with the Right Care at Home

MP16 - Using Research to Improve Outcomes and Efficiencies

MP17 - Leading Practices in Alternate Levels of Care (ALC) Avoidance: Creating a Standard Framework to Support Improvement

MP18 - Regional Coordination: An Approach to Improving Access to Complex Care and Rehabilitation Beds

MP19 - Approaches to Corporate Risk Management

MP20 - Putting Patients First: A Progress Report


June 7, 2016:

TA01 - Clinical Care Coordination: Two CCAC Case Studies

TA02 - Leading Practices in Patient Engagement: Quality Improvement Plans and Beyond

TA03 - Improving Integration in the Continuum of Care: Valuable Lessons from Two CCACs

TA04 - Patient Engagement: Lessons Learned

TA05 - The Caring Experience

TA06 - Performance Measurement: Ensuring Improved Outcomes

TA09 - A CCAC and Retirement Home Collaborative ​