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2017 Achieving Excellence Together Conference Presentations Archive

FA01 Information Age Security (pdf)

FA02 Palliative Early Identification Project (pdf)

FA03 Evolving Quality Practices in Medication Management (pdf)

FA04 Patient Relations Measurement and Reporting (pdf)

FA06 Make a Difference My Way Program (pdf)

FA08 Enabling the Vision of One Client One Team (pdf)

FA09 Collaboration Model Hospital to Home (pdf)

FA10 eRehab New Model of Care for Stroke Patients (pdf)

FA11a Breaking Down Leasing Silos (pdf)

FA11b Coordinated Bed Access Process Residential Hospice In-Patient CCC (pdf)

TA03 Designing a System to Reduce Infusion Pump Errors (pdf)

TA03 Nursing Care in the Community a Lean Quality Improvement Initiative (pdf)

TA04 Levels of Care Expert Panel Report (pdf)

TA05 Getting to 21 Days Referral to First Visit (pdf)

TA06 Development of Home Care Categorization Tool for Long Stay Patients (pdf)

TA07 Building a System of Care for Individuals with Complex Needs (pdf)

TA07 Building West Toronto Sub-Region Relationships between Primary and Community Care (pdf)

TA09 eNotifications Improved Patient Care through Health System Integration (pdf)

TA10a Palliative Care Quality Standard (pdf)

TP11a Interoperability for Continuity of Care (pdf)

TP11b Rolling Out Electronic Health Record to Ontarians (pdf)

TP12 Hospital to Home Integration at the Point of Care (pdf)

TP13 Waterloo Wellington Short Stay Model (pdf)

TP14 Role of Home and Community Care in Interdisciplinary Wound Care Conferences (pdf)

TP14 Setting and Implementing Wound Care Quality Standards (pdf)

TP14 South West Regional Wound Care Program (pdf)

TP15 Integration of Service to Improve Palliative Care Transitions (pdf)

TP16 Health Impact on Social Isolation of Seniors (pdf)

TP16 Oak Park Seniors Program (pdf)

TP17 Powerful Tools for Caregivers (pdf)

TP17 Toronto Central Caregiver Respite Program (pdf)

TP18 Achieving Excellence in Dementia Care (pdf)

TP20 Cultural Competency and Diversity Planning in Aging Services (pdf)

TP21b Improving the Quality of Life for Seniors with Dual Sensory Loss (pdf)