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2015 OACCAC Conference Presentations & Posters



May 28, 2015


TA05 - Avoiding Inadvertent Data Breaches – The Opportunity and Challenge for Mobile Healthcare Providers (Part 2) (PDF)

TP01 - Primary Care Integration - The Role of Primary Care Advisors (PDF)

TP01 - Community Care Integration: CCACs and Primary Care Working Hand-in-Hand for Better Client Outcomes (PDF)

TP02 - Innovative Approaches to Patient Experience Management (PDF)

TP03 - Transforming Home Care Nursing Services: Nursing Clinics – A Story in Partnerships, Continuity, Integration and Sustainability (PDF)

TP06 - Quality Improvement (QI) in Action: Improving and Driving Excellence Across Sectors (IDEAS) (PDF)

TP08 - Strategic Board Development: Multi-year Education Plan and Recruitment/Succession Planning (PDF)

TP13 - Succession Planning...from Concept to Results (PDF)

TP15 -Patients and Families as Essential Partners in Care (PDF)

TP15 - Improving End of Life Care in First Nations Communities: Using “Journey Mapping” to Improve Access to Palliative Home Care by Integrating Health Services Across Jurisdictions (PDF)

TP16 - Patient and Caregiving Engagement - Developing a Patient and Caregiver Bill of Rights (PDF)

TP17 - Evidence Based Decision Making: The Researchers’ Panel (PDF)

TP18 - Balancing Optimal Patient Outcomes and Eliminating Deficit (PDF)

TP24 - Rehabilitative Care Alliance, an Ontario-wide Collaborative (PDF)

TP27 - Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Inquiry in the Boardroom (PDF)


May 29, 2015 

FA02 - Using Program Evaluation to Drive Excellence and Innovation in Care Coordination and Patient Experience (PDF)

FA03 - Community Care Access Centres Moving to the interRAI HC: Optimizing Care Coordination using New Evidence-Informed Decision Support Algorithms (PDF)

FA04 - Automating Post Discharge and Initial Contact Calls to Patients in Home and Community Health Care Using IVR Technology (PDF)

FA05 - Standardized Approach, Customized Experience (PDF)

FA07 - Effects of Interprofessional Doctor-Manager Relationships on Patient Care Quality (PDF)

FA07 - Using Nursing Order Sets to Advance Evidence-Based Practice in Home Care (PDF)

FA08 - From a Good Board to a Great Board: Toronto Central CCAC’s Governance Journey (PDF)

FA09 - Building Sustainable Programs: Lessons Learned from Telehomecare (PDF)

FA12 - Increasing Value, Employee Connectedness and Availability through Smartphone Deployment (PDF)



Factors that Influence Relationships of Medicine and Management as well as Leadership and Governance of Healthcare systems in Canada (PDF)​