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OACCAC Awards for Excellence Program



2015 OACCAC Awards for excellence program archive


CCAC Staff Team Award:

​The 2015 CCAC Staff Team Award went to the Central West CCAC Hospital-Patient Flow Improvement Team. The award recognizes a staff team that has demonstrated excellence in realizing the goals and objectives of the CCAC. The team has positive and productive relationships that foster innovative solutions and approaches. Through each individual's contribution, the success of their high-functioning teamwork is marked by the achievement of system-wide outcomes that enhance the patient experience.


CCAC Citizenship Award:

The 2015 CCAC Citizenship Award went to Kelsey Lett from Champlain CCAC. The award recognizes staff who are passionately committed to making a difference in their community. Each nominee has demonstrated compassion and integrity through the volunteering of their time and talent towards extra-curricular activities. Through their service to others, they have touched the lives of many people.


Individual CCAC Staff Award:

The 2015 Individual CCAC Staff Award went to Naomi Uy from Central West CCAC. The award recognizes staff who show excellence and caring with a focus on best practices. Every day, they embody the "Trusted Quality Care Connector" role of the CCAC. They are an inspirational touchstone for their teammates and for their colleagues, both at the regional and provincial levels.


CCAC Leadership Award:

The 2015 CCAC Leadership Award went to Daniel Ball from Central West CCAC. The award recognizes a board member or staff member skilled at translating vision into reality. They inspire others and exemplify the CCAC mission, vision and local values. They are strategic thinkers and pro-active change agents, with an outstanding level of commitment to the CCAC, the staff and the health-care sector.


Systems Partnership Award:

The 2015 Systems Partnership Award went to Connecting Northern & Eastern Ontario Community Expansion Project (cNEO CE) from North East CCAC. The award recognizes a one-time or extended project where its nature and scope create the opportunity to make systemic improvements. The project has significance to the community and to the practices of the CCAC, and generates a positive impact on the well-being of the patient/caregiver in addition to the health care system.



Sector INNOVATION Award:

The 2015 Sector Innovation Award went to the Partnering for Quality Team from South West CCAC. The award recognizes the outstanding leadership by a provincial team of CCAC, OACCAC representatives and other system partners in developing and implementing initiatives driven from the sector shared purpose and priorities. Through the team's contribution, the CCAC sector and its stakeholders can recognize the significant benefit and positive impact on the CCAC sector, healthcare system and their patients through the accomplishment of these initiatives.​​